Value of the Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE) Conference for Employers and Attendees

The OWHE conference provides value to both attendees and their employers. Below are some of the reasons to attend our conference. For a PDF version, use the link at the bottom of this page to download.


How your organization benefits from your attendance at the conference:

  • It’s a local, affordable conference 

    • OWHE, now a registered non-profit, has been hosting this conference for 40 years with strong ties to the local Oregon higher education community. 

    • Our regular registration is under $200 for professionals and even less for students.

    • We are a local chapter of America Council of Education’s Women’s Network.

  • Many opportunities for learning and professional development

    • We will have sessions on change management, barriers to change, and effective evaluations (read more about our conference sessions).

    • We provide safe and supported opportunities to get involved, present, experiment, and grow.

    • We offer free professional headshots!

  • Our programming is centered around equity and systemic change

    • These topics are important for creating an inclusive learning and working environment in higher education. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from those doing the work to make systemic changes on campuses across Oregon and beyond.

    • We’ll have session topics focused on improving program outcomes for marginalized communities, inclusive writing, and white fragility (read more about our conference sessions).

  • It’s a great way to network with other higher education professionals 

    • Our conference structure is designed to foster connection with local professionals from a range of experience levels and backgrounds in higher education 

    • We will have structured and unstructured, active and relaxed opportunities to engage and network.


How you benefit personally from attending the conference:

  • Opportunities for personal and professional development

    • Many of our sessions are centered around development, such as our personal finance workshop, resume workshop, end of career roadmap (read more about our conference sessions).

    • It is a brave and safe space to learn and grow .

    • You can choose to be paired with a mentor and/or mentee in our mentorship program.

    • Our retreat-like atmosphere encourages self-care, rest and reflection.

  • A place to build community

    • Our attendees include an array of higher education professionals from across the state and across many functional areas.

    • We provide community-centered meals and gatherings, such as the  Womxn of Color Caucus Breakfast, Queer Caucus, and a Mentorship Program. 

    • We do our best to provide inclusive programming. We acknowledge varying types of communication and social styles and provide a range of activities and networking opportunities.

  • Focus on social justice

    • Our theme this year is From Me to We: Our educational offerings and organizational actions will center justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI).

    •  You will learn from many experts on how to take action for a more equitable and just world with other like-minded higher education professionals.

  • An inclusive and empowering environment

    • We welcome and support people of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, dietary restrictions, ability status, and communication styles. This year we implemented a Code of Conduct as well.

    • Our goal is to create a space where everyone can come build community and further our mission to facilitate meaningful connection, personal growth, professional advancement, and systemic change for all Oregon womxn and nonbinary people in higher education.


Want to share this with your supervisor or employer?

Download the PDF version here.

Connect with Leaders

Networking with women, non-binary, and trans leaders in the state of Oregon will enhance your professional experience. We look forward to creating opportunities to meet, connect and develop together.

Engage in Professional Development

Participate in opportunities for professional growth through educational programs that are provided by our campus contact network right on your campus, in your region or at a state wide gathering. The focus is on providing you with the leadership skills and mentoring necessary to lead.

Lead Change in Higher Education

Higher education in the state of Oregon provides a dynamic environment where women, non-binary, and trans people can impact change. Whether in the community college, 4-year institution, public, or private, we want you to be a part of shaping the future of higher education by empowering and affirming your leadership abilities.