OWHE Board Recommends: Oregon Activities

In the last new members welcome, the board learned that many new members are new to Oregon and are looking to network and learn more about their new state. In light of this, OWHE Board members are sharing their favorite Oregon activities!


Tricia Brand: Nothing truly compares to walking or biking on the beach along the Oregon Coast. My favorite coastal point in Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach (with the big Haystack Rock and Marine Garden). It’s beautiful, iconic, and there are great hikes as well as low tide activities on the beach.  My favorite Portland activity is the PSU Farmer’s Market!


Brenna Kutch: Going to the Sylvia Beach Hotel (Newport), hanging out in the library, and reading a book/doing a puzzle, especially during a storm, with the fireplace going.


Briana Stansbury: I love going to Cape Lookout State Park and hiking the coast trail. Then enjoying an evening by the ocean in one of the yurts offered by the campsite. I’m also a huge fan of the waterfall loop at Silver Falls State Park - where you can walk underneath multiple waterfalls. 


Shannon Shivers: I love camping near Clear Lake so that I can enjoy being out on the water in such a beautiful place. My favorite part of this area is doing the easy mini “hike” between Koosah and Sahalie Falls!


Erica Curry: My favorite “Oregon” activity is getting out there and exploring the natural beauty of Oregon. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and am still discovering new sides to this multifaceted state. I love road trips, hiking, and camping, and honestly, couldn’t pick a favorite. So I made two maps! One with my favorite drives in Oregon and a few points of interest near/along the routes. The second is all of the places I want to explore/visit again in Oregon. 

Erica’s favorite drives in Oregon

Erica’s Oregon exploration list

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