OWHE Book Club Kick-Off Timeline!

Hello amazing book club members!

Here’s the deal! I have ZERO discipline for some things - chocolate consumption, running plans, and occasionally book club readings. So, I have created a suggested OWHE Book Club timeline for those of you who might be a bit like me and struggle to follow guidelines when grades are not being administered.

This spring, we (as a group) decided to read Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria. As spring is almost over, it’s time to dive in.

I’ve created a basic timeline for the sections of books we should be reading over the next four weeks. We can do it! I believe in us!

  • Prologue and Intro - Pages 1-79 -- Week One -- May 21-27

  • Parts I & II - Pages 83- 181 -- Week Two - May 28-June 3

  • Part III - Pages 185-232 -- Week Three - June 4-June 10

  • Parts IV & V - Pages 235-358 -- Week Four - June 11-June 17

As I read, I will challenge myself to write questions in our OWHE Book Club Facebook Group about the book once a week. If you’re reading the book, PLEASE help us kick off the conversation with a like, a comment, or a question in return.

The week after we’re to have completed reading the book, I will host the Online OWHE Book Club Chat. This lunchtime online chat will be on Wednesday, June 27th from 12-1 PM. We’ll have some questions and work through what we read and hopefully find ways to apply our learning into our work at our institutions.

Full disclosure - I’ve read parts of this book before, but I’ve never read the whole thing so I am going to have to push myself to follow the timeline. Please join me. If I know you’re reading, I’ll be held accountable and things will be so much better!

This is an experiment so I really hope you join me for the first phase of the OWHE Book Club timeline and online chat!

Cheers, my OWHE friends!

-- Sharece M. Bunn, OWHE Director of Education

If you have questions or would like help starting an OWHE Book Club Reading Group at your institution, please feel free to contact me at education@owhe.org

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