The Balance of Change

Change comes whether you’re ready for it or not. I consider change to be an adventure and thus thrive on finding ways to navigate change and increase efficiency. Rethinking what has been done before gives me a thrill; finding new ways to produce information, engagement, and communication drives me forward and makes me feel alive!

In the last few years, I’ve realized how much my love for change is deeply tied to my generation, something for which I have zero control, but which is threaded through my identity and the way I make meaning of the world.

While my love for change helps me stay inspired, relevant, and interested in the here and now, I’ve noticed how much change can affect other generations of people I encounter. Going paperless, for example, terrifies both my mother and my previous coworker. The notion of digital accounting, for some, verges too close to the plot lines of dystopian novels and thus should be avoided at all costs. And changing the menu for an annual picnic can really throw off a person’s experience. Breaking with tradition in general may cause anxiety for folks who have been part of an organization for a long time.

Here at OWHE, the Board of Directors is working to change things up. Avid OWHE followers may have noticed the increase in social media usage. On the education front, we now have a Facebook Book Club and the new Write for OWHE feature. These small changes are here to make this experience better for all of you. We view these changes as a good thing. As your Board, we are dedicated to making OWHE an organization that serves your needs. That is why starting this week, our blog will start running the various features written by OWHE members.

As you read what your colleagues share, please engage with the writers, the OWHE Board, and colleagues at your institution to continue the conversation and connect about the various shared experiences!

Until next time, I’m signing off!

Sharece Bunn

OWHE Director of Education

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