The Dear OWHE column allows OWHE members to seek advice from members of the OWHE Board by writing in questions. Questions and responses will be shared to the OWHE Blog.

Board Members will do their best to respond in an authentic and meaningful way, however in some cases, the questions may be challenging for some board members to answer based on identity and experience. For example, Struggling’s question below may not be best answered by someone who is not a person of color. For this reason, board members will collaborate with one another to find a way to best answer the questions presented.

To submit a question to Dear OWHE, send an email to in a format similar to the one below.


Subject Line: Dear OWHE

Dear OWHE,

I’ve been in my job at my current institution for a little over a year. This is the first time I’ve worked in an office culture where I am the only woman of color. Since coming here, I continually feel like I am being asked to represent “my people” and work with the “diverse” students who come to our office. I have talked to my manager about the situation, but she has told me I am being too sensitive and need to understand that the culture here is very different. I’ve reached out to some other folks in my institution who are woke to issues of race and equity, but most of the time, I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. Should I look for work elsewhere? Can I stick this out even longer?

Please advise.

-- Struggling

Though the Director of Education will know your email address, we will not post your email, name, or contact information to the blog unless you would like for us to do so. Consider this a confidential source. In case you would like to submit questions anonymously, we have also developed this form that will not collect your email address and will go directly to the Director of Education.

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